Our Brand

Setia in name, Setia in nature. Get to know what it means to be Setia.

Who We Are

Our commitment to elevate the homes we build and the lives we touch stems from a singular and distinctive belief.

Our Vision
To be the best in all we do
Our Mission
1. To provide superior customer service and satisfy customer needs through a culture of excellence
2. To enhance shareholder's value
3. To be a caring and responsible employer
4. To be mindful of our social responsibilities
Our Values
1. I build life-long relationships with my customers
2. I am responsive to the expressed and unexpressed needs of my customers
3. I create magical moments at every opportunity
4. I embrace integrity and protect the privacy of my customers and the company's confidential information
5. I understand my role and responsibility in achieving SETIA's success
6. I have the opportunity to learn and grow
7. I perform my work professionally and with continuous improvement
8. I am responsible for ensuring a safe and clean environment
9. I support and respect my fellow team members
10. We are TEAM SETIA

What We Do


Property Development

It is our pride and joy to have influenced the skyline of Malaysian states like Selangor, Penang, Johor and Kota Kinabalu. And through time and dedication, we have expanded our reach beyond our shores to Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Property Investment

As a property development and investment company, we maximise returns and add strength to our real estate portfolio by discovering opportunities and venturing into hotels and shopping malls.

Other Businesses

After establishing a reputation in the property sector, we branched out via affiliated businesses. Setia Precast is an award-winning general building contractor, responsible for the development of some of Malaysia’s most iconic buildings. And Setia-Wood Industries is the preferred supplier of wood components in the Asia-Pacific, renowned for its product range and quality.

Our Leaders

Get to know the individuals spearheading the future of Setia.
Executive Committee
  1. Dato’ Halipah Binti Esa (Chairman)
  2. Dato’ Seri Ir. Hj. Mohd Noor Bin Yaacob
  3. Dato' Khor Chap Jen
  4. Datuk Wong Tuck Wai
Audit Committee
  1. Noraini Binti Che Dan (Chairman)
  2. Philip Tan Puay Koon
  3. Dato’ Zuraidah Binti Atan
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  1. Mr Philip Tan Puay Koon (Chairman)
  2. Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Bin Senin
  3. Dato’ Azmi Bin Mohd Ali
Risk Management Committee
  1. Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Bin Senin (Chairman)
  2. Dato’ Seri Ir. Hj. Mohd Noor Bin Yaacob
  3. Tengku Dato’ Ab. Aziz Bin Tengku Mahmud
  4. Dato’ Halipah Binti Esa

Awards & Recognition

Throughout the years, we are grateful to have been recognised by these awards and accolades.